Entrepreneurial business idea to start while still in school or as a college graduate

This is an entrepreneurial business idea to start while still in school or as a college graduate, which can help to have a stable income while in school and also after college, having an already established career to follow even before you secure a white-collar job of your own.

Graduates are beginning their own businesses all around the country to build out unique opportunities for themselves in a wide range of fields. Here are some low-cost business ideas you can begin as a college graduate or while still a student.

Graphic design

Are you an expert user of several software applications such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop? A lot of small businesses want professional branding tools like logo design, billboards, and posters to be more affordable so they can use them more.

Suppose you are getting ready to graduate from college with a toolbox full of graphic design abilities. In that case, you might need to think about starting a freelance design business that targets other business owners. If you already have a network of connections and a reputation for making high-quality designs, you can use your past work to get new projects and maybe even a full-time job as soon as you graduate from college.

Clothing design business

The fashion industry may have been on your dream list, but you were unable to locate anything more than entry-level work in the industry. You can venture out on your own and launch an entrepreneurial clothing firm if you have a good eye for design and are willing to put in the hard work. To get your business up and running, you’ll need to learn how to sew or silk-screen, but you’ll eventually need to find a reliable manufacturer. High-quality products and effective marketing are the keys to success in every industry.

An internet resale company

You can be someone who spends a lot of time shopping because you enjoy it so much. Some of the items you find at garage sales or thrift shops may be valuable enough to resell online if you are familiar with antiques or vintage items. If this is the case, you may consider becoming an online reseller. Items such as antiques, vintage toys, and graphic novels are just a few examples of the kinds of things that could pique the interest of a prospective buyer, particularly when the item in question is being offered for sale online.

The first step is to start an online store through social media platforms such as Facebook Marketplace or a site like Esty, where both of you can advertise your things locally and make sales. If your company is successful, you may want to consider opening a physical site.

Physical Fitness Instructors

Are you someone who is passionate about exercise or bodybuilding? Becoming a fitness instructor or a personal trainer can help you transform your interest in physical activity into a rewarding career. You will need to invest a little time and money to become qualified. However, organizations such as the PLYOmetric Exercise and Fitness Association of America provide online certification programs that you may finish at your own pace.

After you have obtained your certification as a personal trainer, you will be able to either look for openings at local gyms or work with one of these customers in their own homes. There are also a ton of programs available for getting certified to instruct fitness classes like yoga or Zumba.

Consultant for landscaping and gardening

How good are you when it comes to gardeners’ work? If you are really an expert in it, you can help others accomplish the same by sharing your gifts. Many homeowners are willing to pay for expert guidance in order to transform their ordinary backyards into tropical havens. In addition to gardening, you can assist homeowners in developing a backyard space that is friendlier to the environment by assisting them with the installation of rain gardens, rain barrels, and compost piles. As individuals grow more mindful of the impact that they have on the environment, there is a corresponding rise in demand for these kinds of services.

Live event entertainers

If you spent your college years working with sound-mixing software and running the DJ booth at your campus radio station, you might be the right person to start an event entertainment business. You can get everybody out on the dance floor at marriages and parties with nothing more than your music library and your laptop, or you can simply provide background music for more informal occasions with just those two items.

It’s a significant financial commitment to purchase DJ hardware, but there are a lot of firms that let you rent speakers, audio equipment, and other accessories by the day, so you may practice with them until you have enough money saved to purchase your own.

Tutoring others in your area of expertise

Are you an experienced photography professional? guitar? Debugging? Think about going out on your own and beginning a side business where you teach people what you know. As long as you have a passion for teaching, you may expand your business to include other instructors as well as different skill sets. As soon as you’ve established yourself as an expert in a certain area, it is time to get the word out through as many channels as you can (such as a website with examples of your work or an active Instagram feed with further examples).

Blogging or vlogging

Do you believe you possess the necessary qualities to succeed on YouTube? The act of recording your life may come off as ridiculous, but it might actually be to your financial advantage. If you are creative and have ideas and stories to offer, you should think about starting a blog or a video blog. You may turn your blog into a business if you stick to an engaging topic and provide new content on a consistent basis. Your blog can help you increase your earnings and enhance your relationships with people, regardless of whether it is a collection of your adventures or postings about date ideas.

Café or teahouse

There are times when the only way for a person to properly work is to interact with other people. If this describes you in any way, you might want to think about launching a local coffee shop. A coffee shop does not require a lot of space, and having a limited menu is an excellent approach to focussing on high-quality or specialized items without having to spread yourself too thin. You can find a partner to assist you in this. When your partner takes care of the coffee orders, you can manage the customer service. Also, consider getting a manager and an employee so that you can take turns taking time off without having to completely close the store.

Handcrafted items

Do you have a natural talent for knitting, crafting jewelry, or doing other types of tiny crafts? You can start an online business and sell your work to the general public if you can swiftly produce a large number of items. If you buy your supplies in bulk from a craft supplier, your startup costs will be extremely low, and if you can rapidly turn orders around, you will make a profit in no time. You may even be able to make your business a full-time job. By promoting your work on sites like Bonanza, Etsy, and ArtFire, a second Instagram account can help bring more people to your online business.

Property investment and resale

You and a business partner might establish a house-flipping business by purchasing previously owned homes or run-down properties at a price that is affordable and then repairing them so that you can resell them for a profit. You can put your abilities to use and earn money through home renovations or selling projects if you have a knack for either of these activities. Together with the person you are doing business with, you can spark each other’s creativity by engaging in idea generation and development activities.

Content Making

Individuals with creative skills, such as writers and graphic designers, have the opportunity to put their skills to use by producing content for businesses and media outlets that is of high quality and can be shared thanks to the advent of social media and the 24-hour news cycle. Because of the gig economy, which consists of freelancers and contract workers, it is now simpler than ever before to advertise oneself as a skilled freelance content writer. If you ever decide to look for full-time work in the future, this might be an excellent method to build up your abilities in anticipation of a job search. Make sure you have a clear understanding of your brand, how you want to advertise yourself, and how you want your skills to be utilized so that you can set yourself apart from the competition.

Pet sitting or walking business

There is a large market for all aspects of pet care due to the fact that seven out of ten younger generations say they own a furry friend. Some examples of pet care include grooming, walking, sitting, and training. It won’t take you long to get a company off the ground if you have experience or a strong interest in one of these fields. While pet sitting and walking require little to no professional knowledge or equipment, grooming and training will be more time-and cost-intensive. Pet sitting and walking are two of the most popular pet services. You could go to the dog park or grooming center in your neighborhood to find clients and learn about their requirements.

Catering service

Some married couples argue about who will be responsible for making supper, while other couples find that cooking a meal together is a pleasant way to spend quality time together. If you have a talent for the kitchen, you might want to think about launching your own catering company. Allow the resident chef to take responsibility for the majority of the food preparation, and have the other person act as both a customer service representative and a sous-chef.

Housekeeping and maid services

When both parents have jobs that require them to work long hours, keeping the house nice and clean may be the last thing on their to-do list. Make yourself available to these families on the weekends and evenings to assist them with various housework responsibilities, such as sweeping, vacuuming, washing the floors, and cleaning the bathrooms. Working together with your spouse, you’ll be able to finish these activities in half the time it would take you to perform them on your own.

Electronic repair

The majority of individuals in today’s technology world use their cellphones, tablets, and laptops on a regular basis. Due to the consistent use of these devices, there is a good probability that at least one of them will become non-operational or malfunction at some point in the future. If you are a technology-driven person who is able to resolve these issues with a reasonable amount of ease, you can offer to repair other people’s electronic devices for a lower price than what the major shops demand. You should begin by marketing your services to students at your former university who do not want to wait for the IT staff of the college to fix their hard drives.

Consultation on Social Networks

Looking for a way to make use of that marketing or communication degree? A social media consulting business would be an intriguing suggestion. When it comes to marketing on social media, small businesses frequently have little option but to handle the tasks themselves. It’s possible that the top management will be too busy with other duties to come up with effective plans for each of the ever-expanding number of business social media channels. Working as a consultant enables you to assist companies in determining the strategies, posting schedules, and content that will be most effective for their unique target audiences. You’ll see an increase in sales as their fan base expands.

Make sure that whatever you choose to do, it is something that you are already familiar with.

According to Matthew Ross, co-owner of The Slumber Yard and CEO of the company, recent college grads should zero in on a specialized field of work. “You don’t have to worry about cornering the entire market right away because you can always improve your workforce at a later date.”

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