6 Tested and Trusted Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2022 with Detailed Explanation

1. Affiliate Marketing

Let’s discuss affiliate marketing campaigns. If you ask me, signing up for (and promoting) the majority of affiliate programs are probably simpler than looking for blog sponsorships.

You don’t need to pitch sponsors or spend time designing your own product to start making money because companies that already have affiliate programs in place are ready and prepared to give you money for sending them to your blog readers.

But it generally takes a healthy level of traffic to your blog in order to make a significant amount of money from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate programs are my favorite because they don’t demand cold outreach like sponsorships or freelancing. Many affiliate programs, such as the best web hosting plans (even monthly payment web hosting plans), are done automatically, so you may start promoting as soon as you join. Among the best pieces written to increase affiliate earnings are the following:

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Similar to product endorsements, you’ll get credit for your readers’ purchase decisions. The best thing about affiliate programs is that they are offered by a wide range of businesses. If you have a high-converting landing page for your e-commerce business and want to establish an affiliate network, you have a wide range of choices.

These are one of the best categories of affiliate programs for bloggers.

The greatest technique to make money with affiliates is definitely dependent on the niche in which you dwell. I’ve selected the following as some of the top blogging affiliate programs:

I am aware that there are numerous affiliate programs available.

My recommendation is to concentrate on just a few (tested) affiliate programs that have strong topic ties to the content you’ve been producing and know your audience is clamoring for more. This will help you avoid becoming overwhelmed with this channel.

2. eBook Creation and Distribution

As we briefly said, writing and selling eBooks (your own digital product) is another excellent option to monetize your blog. This is partly due to the fact that you may scale your income without incurring any further costs after the book is written.

When you sell an eBook directly from your blog and accept payments using Stripe or PayPal, the vast majority (if not all) of the profit is paid to you with each new sale you make.

There are no intermediaries, no publishers. There are no retail establishments.

As a result, when you understand how to create and market an eBook, you’ll keep the highest profit levels on your purchases.

The Amazon eBook route is an extra option that allows you to sell Kindle-formatted eBooks and audiobooks on your site and to Amazon customers around the world.

Everything from cookbooks to self-help to fiction to weight loss to non-fiction has a market for an eBook.

Given your abilities and experience, an eBook may be one of your greatest options to monetize your site if you’re sure you have the knowledge to impart and can write well. Just be certain to start by creating an outline.

If you already have a blog with readers, you should feel confident that you have content worth reading. Maybe it’s time to turn that stuff into an eBook.

3. Business Alliances

You have followers if your blog is expanding.

Moreover, you may further monetize your audience by establishing special business collaborations when you have a loyal following that keeps coming back for more of what you’re offering.

“Once you have a reader base, you can figure out how to make money from your blog with the help of those readers.”

It’s challenging to describe just one way that business partnerships can turn out.

As we’ve just mentioned above, an affiliate relationship can be as simple as a commercial partnership.

But it might also imply

  • It is possible to white-labeled a tech company’s app, and then provide that version to your customers.
  • Work with other bloggers to make a product and promote it to each other’s fans.
  • After your cooking blog becomes successful, you can launch your own salsa brand with Williams Sonoma (like Gaby Dalkin has done).

The idea is that I keep reiterating how crucial audience development is.

This is also true when forming mutually beneficial commercial relationships.

Find other businesses or individuals who share your readership, the goals you want to achieve with your blog, and, most importantly, the strategies you have in mind for making money blogging.

The only thing left is to figure out how to cooperate so that everyone wins.

4. Begin a Virtual Summit

More than one guest speaker is typically on hand simultaneously for the virtual summits, which can be either live or pre-recorded. Hence, my constant encouragement to seek out your people.

If you have a group of readers on your email list who are all interested in the same things and have their own communities that are related to your content, all you have to do is invite them to a virtual summit.

You can generate money in a virtual summit using all the above methods.

You are marketing, educating, guiding, and caring for people. Consider your target audience and the factors that motivate them.

  • What are they hoping to gain from this experience?
  • What can you do to aid them?
  • Have you got enough information to make a summit?

Start putting together the details of the event if you’re satisfied with your answers to these questions.

  • What is your preferred number of speakers?
  • Will the summit take place either through a live webinar or in person?
  • Who should go, and when should it be?
  • Be careful to provide yourself with enough time to organize your summit.

Then you need to keep spreading the word.

Make Money Blogging Using Your Own Talents and Skills

You’ve got the talent. You’ve got a lot of practical knowledge under your grasp. You have the support of your audience.

If you’ve reached this point and have a blog with real readers, my buddy, you’re fantastic. Despite your talent, you’re still learning how to make money from blogging.

Even though we’ve talked about several different ways to make money, maybe none of them were the perfect fit. Alternatively, you may already be making use of them and are searching for innovative ways to do so.

How Can a Virtual Summit Help You Earn Money by Blogging?

It’s true that summits can be monetized in numerous ways.

Selling entry tickets is the most simple approach (and the easiest to implement on your first try). Based on your sector, you should expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $200.

Pricing can be reduced for early buyers. Make sure that all of your speakers are in charge of telling their own audiences about the event.

Making the summit free and then selling an all-access pass to those who wish to view the speakers they missed is another approach to making money from your summit (or watching again).

After the live summit, you can use either method to offer your audience a follow-up product, such as an online course, eBook, or coaching package.

Regardless, your main attention for the quarter will most likely be on putting together a virtual summit.

Make sure you have alternative revenue streams in place while working on this project if you’re taking the peak path.

5. Podcast Funding Opportunities

Doing a podcast is something you’ve been thinking about for a long time.

What are you waiting for? In addition to having fun, it will also be really beneficial.

My sponsorships from companies like Freshbooks, Monday.com, and Skillshare, which reach my 40,000 monthly listeners, average $500 per episode on my podcast, which generates an annual sponsorship revenue of between $4 and $5 figures.

There is a good chance that your program won’t have the same level of fame when you first start out. Therefore, you can’t expect to be able to orchestrate the same sponsorship rates.

In order to get your podcast off the ground and grow your audience, you’ll need a lot of patience. When it comes to launching a podcast, if you’ve already done an excellent job of generating regular readers for your blog, you can do so by promoting it strongly to those people.

If you have the right tools and systems in place, starting a podcast for money may not take as much work as, say, writing epic blog posts all day, every day.

Making a Good First Impression with Podcast Sponsorships and Gradually Building Up

If you’re short on time, you may start by converting your existing blog entries into spoken word and routinely posting them as podcast episodes that go through all of your blog’s most popular content (and provide teasers of what you’re working on right now).

If your podcast is entertaining, you cover intriguing topics, or you bring on interesting guests, you’ll probably gather more listeners quite steadily over the course of your first few months of podcasting. By carefully approaching bloggers to offer yourself as a guest on other podcasts, offering guest blogging, and building a social network with whom you can frequently share new content, you may promote your blog and podcast.

You can start charging sponsors for podcast ad spots like 30-second pre-rolls, mid-rolls, and post-rolls that promote your sponsored goods and services after you have a podcast with a following.

6. Advertisements on blogs

One of the simplest, most fundamental, and quickest ways to make money is by selling advertising space.

Don’t misunderstand me when I say fundamental, I don’t mean it negatively. When you’re just starting out, basic advertising space is necessary, and that was the first route I personally sought. But because it’s so straightforward, it also frequently yields the lowest financial returns.

Do blog adverts still count as a legal strategy to monetize your blog?

“Yes, in a summary. For good reason, advertising space is still a vital part of many digital marketing strategies. Particularly in the event that you are making use of clever software for monitoring conversion rates. However, blog ads are primarily imitations of advertisements from before the era, such as billboards, newspaper ads, magazine placements, and so forth. Advertisements may be a remarkably simple way to get a brand’s name out and in front of the audience on the correct blogs (especially if you’ve followed my tutorial about how to name a blog imaginatively).

It’s also simple to place adverts in front of readers today because we spend so much time on the internet (the typical person logs on for 24 hours per week).

You may use this channel to promote your blog and start making money by blogging in a variety of ways.

Naturally, beginning with Google Adsense is the most common. Just sign up, add a piece of code from Google to the page where the ad will be shown, and watch as advertisers compete to find the best way to reach your target audience.

Keep in mind that you have minimal control over the advertisements that appear on your blog while using Google Adsense. Try Carbon Ads, a highly specialized and heavily regulated ad platform that I use, if you want to stay very loyal to your brand and keep your customers interested. If not, look into other options that might be better for the audience you already have or want to get.

Marketing Your Own Goods and Services for Sale

There are other ways to earn money besides asking businesses to pay you in exchange for advertising their goods to your audience.

In order to uncover possibilities where you can offer your own products and services to readers when you’re still working out how to monetize your blog, it’s necessary to take into account what you’re genuinely enthusiastic about (probably not advertising other firms’ stuff, right?).

Here’s a real-world example of how to earn money from a blog: by penning an eBook (and selling it to the audience, like with this one, The Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers).

As an illustration, suppose you’re a mom who enjoys blogging about parenting advice but has no plans to ever sell your own items to readers. It’s possible that using sponsored posts and other forms of advertising will be your best option.

If, on the other hand, you’re a chef who posts great new recipes and you want to build your own brand, it might be a better idea to start by putting together an eBook of all your best recipes with beautiful pictures and step-by-step instructions.

The ability to test the waters with a simple-to-create digital product can also open up many promising new options.

  • Perhaps your eBook draws the attention of your preferred publisher and results in a print book deal.
  • Starting with the desire to make your own products and services can lead to a lot of different options.
  • Perhaps a television network wants to cast you in a well-liked program in your niche after noticing your rising online following on platforms like YouTube and Instagram?

The top blogging books, ideas, and courses will teach you how to monetize your audience by offering win-win digital items.

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